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5 reasons why you might want to use DuckDuckGo as your search engine


5 reasons why you might want to use DuckDuckGo as your search engine

The vast majority of Internet users use Google to search for everything, there are even people who do not even write the addresses of websites like Facebook or Twitter, but instead type it directly in the search engine, as if Google were the only door to open everything

Google earned the loyalty of users by the powerfulness of its search engine, and built around it a gigantic company that offers dozens of services. The problem with Google is that they are not interested in the privacy of their users at all, rather the opposite, since they use all our information as a bargaining chip to make more money, presenting better personalized results and advertising advertisements. Google is the largest advertising company in the world.

For many people this may not represent a problem, others have no idea, but more and more people are looking for alternatives that allow them to have more control over their own information without having to share it with a company that uses it for their own benefit. This is why a small initiative like DuckDuckGo It has grown so much in such a short time, as it represents a completely different idea: a completely private search engine. DuckDuckGo has improved considerably over time to attract more users, implementing new features that could attract many skeptics.


This search engine has a very simple privacy policy that you accept every time you decide to use it: DuckDuckGo will not collect your personal information, much less share it with anyone. They believe that whether you are looking for videos of kittens sleeping, or how the financial market is, all of this reflects your tastes and your personal life, and therefore should be private.

Media files on a single page

Depending on the search you do, you will be able to obtain very complete results of absolutely everything you need. For example, if you want to research your favorite band, you will see that you will be able to look at the normal results, the images, and the videos. In this it is nothing different from Google, but there are two more things that Google does not have: products and audio. When you click on the audio tab you will get results of music to listen immediately directly from the search engine page, and for free thanks to the integration with Soundcloud.

This will also happen with the videos that appear in the results, allowing you to decide if you want to go to YouTube or if you want to see the video within DuckDuckGo.

No Ads in One Click

DuckDuckGo has a settings page where you can make a lot of changes and one of these is to remove all the banner ads. You just have to go to this page, look for the Layout tab and in the second option (Advertisements) change it to «Off». However, it must be remembered that the search engine lives on these ads and yet offers all users the possibility of removing them. If you don’t want to see the advertising at least share with your friends so that more people start using DuckDuckGo.

Information and answers without leaving DuckDuckGo

Looking for certain things you will get contextual information, that is, you will not need to click on any of the results to know the answer. This can be used for different things such as doing mathematical calculations, word definitions (although it only works in English, for now) or information about television series, famous people, among others. It is not as complete as what Google offers, but it is improving day by day.

Highly customizable

Among the configuration options you can change all kinds of things that better suit your taste. From the configuration menu you can:

Bonus: The! Bangs

Finally, it should be noted that although DuckDuckGo results may not be as relevant on some occasions as those offered by Google, through the use of so-called! Bangs, you can use commands to use other search engines within DuckDuckGo, that is to say, you can google from DuckDuckGo if you write ! G followed by your search terms, but with the advantage that you will not be tracked.

There are! Bangs for Google Images, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Maps, online stores, and even Wikileaks. The list is huge and you can see all the ones that exist from here.