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4 documentaries about technology that you cannot miss on Movistar+

4 documentaries about technology that you cannot miss on Movistar+

We know you are a passionate about technology and for this reason we have prepared a small list with documentaries about technology that you should see at least once in your life.

We have already brought you on more than one occasion lists of recommendations on movies, series or documentaries to spend a weekend at the movies thanks to Movistar+.

So, if you’re a customer, get ready because thanks to Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant, you will be able to discover new movies using only your voice. You just have to say: “Recommend me a movie” and get the most out of this functionality.

But today we are going to let Aura rest so we can recommend four documentaries about technology that you cannot miss.

The great social dilemma

Perhaps the most recent and famous on the list. It is a Netflix documentary that came out in 2020 and that analyzes, through important professionals from digital multinationals, how social networks work.

The point of view of the documentary is somewhat critical of the functioning of the algorithms and the user retention system that some of the best known social networks in the world have.

Not a Game

This great documentary Movistar+ premiered on his channel #0. It analyzes how video games have already become an essential element in the world of entertainment and the changes they have generated. A very interesting insight into the eSports and the video game industry.

the future of the mind

It is a documentary that you can find in the extensive and interesting list of Movistar+ documentaries.

Launched in 2017, it analyzes how new neurotechnologies will emerge in the future that will allow us to communicate through the mind with computers and other devices. This will increase our human capabilities and, surely, it will generate a profound transformation in society modern.

Without a doubt, one of the best documentaries about technology that you can see today.

the great hack

This great Netflix documentary explains what happened with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, linked to Brexit and the 2016 US presidential elections. The greatest exponent of how data and social networks can be used for partisan purposes and not too much ethical.

It is closely related to the first of The Great Social Dilemma and is a great start to make you a lover of documentaries about technology.