Don’t be a stupid sandwich, wear a helmet: Gordon Ramsay…

Celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay recently had a horrific cycling accident, prompting him to advocate for cycling safety and helmet use this Father’s Day.

Gordon Ramsay posted a surprising video on TikTok for Father’s Day this year, advocating for bike safety and helmet use. He explained that he is “lucky to be here” after a horrible bike accidentwhich prompted him to make a short TikTok showing his injuries.

In the clip, he lifted part of his shirt, revealing a a huge purple bruise covering his entire abdomen. Not only that, but he even explained that this accident could have ended much differently if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet.

Gordon Ramsay reveals injury after cycling accident

Gordon Ramsay, known for various cooking shows and 5-star restaurants, is probably the most famous celebrity chef in the world. He also took to TikTok to review his fans’ cooking. On Father’s Day, June 16, however, he made a completely different type of video on the social media platform.


Ring ON for this one… with #FathersDay tomorrow, I have a very important message for all dads… WEAR A HELMET! This week I had a very serious accident while riding my bike in Connecticut. I’m fine and haven’t broken any bones or suffered any serious injuries, but I’m a little bruised, looking like a purple potato. I am grateful to all the doctors, nurses and staff at Lawerence + Memorial Hospital in New London who took care of me and examined me, but I am most grateful for my helmet that saved my life . Have a great Father’s Day and be safe Gx

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In this video, he revealed that he had been in a horrific bicycle accident, even stating that It could have ended very differently if he hadn’t worn a helmet..

You know how much I love cycling, triathlons and Ironman (races) etc and this week, unfortunately, I had a very serious accident, and it really shook me up, and honestly, I have a hard time. lucky to be here. (…) You must wear helmets. I don’t care how short the trip is. I don’t care…these helmets cost money, but they are crucial, even for a short ride kids need to wear a helmet.

Throughout the video, Ramsay’s hand is seen shaking uncontrollably., which could be another consequence of the accident. He also showed his abdomen, which is completely purple, with Ramsay saying “”.

In the video’s description, Ramsay said that no bones were broken and that he was fine and just had bruises that looked like “. It’s still scary to see, especially since it could have been much worse. So stay safe, wear helmets and don’t be idiots, sandwich guys.