Deezer Prices 2024: The Ultimate Price Guide

Deezer Prices 2024: The Ultimate Price Guide

While the undisputed leader in the music streaming platform market is causing a lot of ink to flow by increasing its prices in July 2024, you may be looking for a new companion to listen to your favorite albums in excellent conditions.

Today, listening to music and discovering new artists has never been easier. Far from the days of CDs and vinyls, music streaming platforms have revolutionized the music industry by introducing us to a whole new way of consuming music.

Coming from France, Deezer is a music streaming platform that has managed to make a place for itself on the market. In 2024, it has 10.5 million subscribers, including 1.2 million gained in one year. A free version of Deezer exists, but it does not provide as much more than its Premium version, available from €5.99 per month. While several Deezer Premium subscriptions exist, here are all the prices and features of Deezer premium offers in 2024 in France.

How much does a Deezer subscription cost in 2024?

Deezer is for music lovers. With a catalog that is constantly growing (120 million tracks, podcasts included), Deezer has what it takes to convince users. Like any good music streaming platform, it offers many playlists, including personalized ones based on your musical tastes or your favorite artists of the moment.

Deezer Premium offers are available between €5.99 and €19.99 per month. Note that a free version is available, but it contains ads, poor audio quality, and a lack of freedom that can be frustrating.

Deezer Premium lets you enjoy your favorite tracks on any device without being interrupted by ads, and lets you skip tracks that don’t suit your mood without limits. Even when you’re offline, you can sing along as you can download your favorite music and podcasts with Deezer Premium. Here are the differences between the 4 Deezer Premium subscriptions in 2024. Note that by opting for an annual subscription, you can save between 8 and 25%.

1) Price of the Deezer Premium subscription

This is the “basic” subscription to fully enjoy Deezer. Available at €11.99 per monththe Deezer Premium subscription lets you download all your music to listen to it even offline. Albums, playlists, podcasts… With Deezer Premium, everything is unlimited and on demand and, above all, without advertising. Tablet, computer, phone… It is possible to connect several devices simultaneously to switch from one to the other without any hassle.

Unlike the free version, Deezer Premium offers High Fidelity sound for an exceptional experience. Deezer promises audio quality identical to that of a CD with audio files of a higher quality (16 bits, 1411 kbps).

2) Price of the Deezer Premium Student subscription

This subscription is only for students. They will enjoy the same experience as Deezer Premium subscribers, but for only €5.99 per month. To take advantage of this reduced price which is always appreciated, you just need to be registered in a higher education course verified by UNIDAYS and be between 18 and 25 years old.

For the rest, everything is the same: High Fidelity sound, zero advertising, unlimited everything, multiple devices simultaneously or even downloading to enjoy the platform offline.

3) Deezer Duo subscription price

The Deezer Duo subscription is similar in every way to the Deezer Premium offer, with one difference: it is aimed at couples. At €15.99 per monththis allows you to save €4 compared to the Solo formula since it comes to €7.99 per person. If you live under the same roof, this is an excellent alternative.

So you have unlimited access to your favorite music, without any advertising to interrupt you and, above all, superior sound quality.

4) Price of the Deezer Family subscription

For €19.99 per monththe Deezer Family subscription is perfect for those who live with several people under the same roof. It is the best way to make real monthly savings, since Deezer Family can be used by up to 6 independent people. This represents €3.33 per month and per person. You will not find a better way to enjoy Deezer without advertising and without an Internet connection.

In addition to all the benefits of Deezer Premium, your Family account also offers accounts for children with adapted content and control over their listening.

The different Deezer subscriptions

Deezer Deezer Premium Deezer Premium Student Deezer Duo Deezer Family
Price 0 € €11.99 €5.99 €15.99 €19.99
Advertising Yes No No No No
Download No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sound quality Basic High Fidelity Sound High Fidelity Sound High Fidelity Sound High Fidelity Sound
Personalization No Yes Yes Yes Yes

So, Deezer offers you many packages, depending on your desires, your needs but also your budget. It is possible to switch from one subscription to another. Let us specify that Deezer usually offers two months of free subscription to welcome you. For this summer 2024, you have a full 3-month trial without paying a cent. Finally, Deezer is always without commitment. Freedom above all…

It’s time to talk a little about the competition and introduce you to some alternatives to Deezer. Indeed, Deezer is not the only music streaming platform on the market.

What are the alternatives to Deezer?

If you are not convinced by Deezer’s proposal, or by its interface, there are several options in France. Here are the different alternatives to Deezer in 2024.

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Tidal


It is impossible to miss Spotify. It is the leader in music streaming platforms at the moment. This platform offers similar features, with even more customization and, of course, offline listening thanks to downloading, no advertising, a rich catalog, superior sound quality and much more. Spotify offers four subscriptions, between €6.06 and €18.21 per month.

Apple Music

Apple Music offers Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos on iOS devices, Lossless sound for each user, with or without connection, 100 million songs, 30,000 playlists… In short, it’s a gem. This alternative is available from €5.99 per month for students. To top it all off, there are many exclusive surprises.

YouTube Music

By opting for YouTube Music Premium, you benefit from all the advantages of YouTube Music Premium, but also all those of YouTube Premium for only €10.99 per month. Enough to make you forget a sound quality that may be lower than that of competitors. In addition, the platform offers advantageous rates for students and families. For this price, you are entitled to the absence of advertising, the downloading of your favorite content, the switching from audio to video in the blink of an eye as well as the possibility of listening with the screen locked.


Tidal is the music lover’s platform of choice, with Full Lossless, HiRes FLAC and Dolby Atmos. It delivers powerful sound tailored to everyone’s needs, with offline listening, 0 ads and personalized mixes as well as live sessions… Starting at €4.99 per month.

Tutorial: how to subscribe to Deezer Premium?

If you’re tempted to try Deezer Premium to belt out your favorite songs at the top of your lungs, all you have to do is sign up for the subscription that suits you. Here’s how to subscribe to Deezer Premium in 2024.

Subscribe to Deezer Premium from the official website:

  • Surrender on the official Deezer website
  • Create a Deezer account or log in
  • Choose the subscription that suits you: Premium, Premium Student, Duo or Family
  • Choose your payment method
  • Take advantage of the free trial offer

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