Brown Dust 2 1st Anniversary Update and Events Revealed

NEOWIZ and GAMFS N revealed the Brown dust 2 The 1st Anniversary Update launches on June 22 with new characters, costumes, and more.

The Summer Knight Event Pack is back Brown dust 2 with a re-release of limited costumes for Justia and Scheherazade for a limited time. The seasonal event, Post: Summer Knight, is also live, and the Seasonal Event Pack features Laid-back Lifeguard characters Nebris and DJ Venaka in party costumes by the pool, alongside Maria and Mamonir.

Dalvi arrives in the new Summer Vacation Dalvi costume. This costume is offered to all players who participate in the Brown dust 2 1st anniversary event. Players can also fully upgrade their characters with a total of six outfits during the event.

Starting July 4, players will “reach the final destination” for Justia and her group in Story Pack 14: Trial by Ordeal. The final chapter of Season 2 takes players to the sacred city of Arcadia, and popular characters Michaela and Angelic make an appearance. Justia will also receive a new character design and theme for the game’s first anniversary.

Players can also look forward to Evil Castle: Tower of Salvation, new roguelike content in which they have the choice of five random 5-star characters to use. Moving forward, each season will introduce a target score that the community can collectively achieve.

The 1st anniversary event also brings a new guild system. Players can create or join guilds after completing Story Pack 3, allowing them to unlock rewards and access the ability to chat and exchange emotes with members. Guild Raids will take place later this year.

Lately, Brown dust 2 is now available for Android, iOS and PC via Windows.