Auto: 4 things to know about BYD, the Chinese manufacturer that threatens Tesla in Europe

Just ten years ago, the Chinese manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dream) was largely unknown in our countries. Today, It is undoubtedly one of the largest EV manufacturers in the world.rivaling Tesla for market supremacy. In 2022, BYD became the third-largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. In 2023, it even surpassed Tesla in the fourth quarter of 2023, becoming the world’s largest EV manufacturer over that period.

Its future conquest: Europe! BYD plans to expand on the Old Continent; two sites are being considered: Hungary, where the factory has already been under construction since 2022. Second country: France, a more recent project resulting from an agreement signed in 2023 with the French authorities to identify a potential site. If the project is successful, the French factory could be operational by 2027 or 2028. An impressive journey. Here are some key facts to remember about the company.

BYD: a battery specialist above all

Born under the leadership of Wang Chuanfu in 1995 in the metropolis of Shenzhen (Guangdong province), BYD has experienced a meteoric rise, thanks to its specialization in the design of lithium-ion batteriesThis technical mastery propelled the company to the rank of a key player in the sector, paving the way for its subsequent expansion into the automotive world.

By devoting enormous resources to research and innovation, BYD has developed cutting-edge energy storage technologies that now power a plethora of electric vehicles. This strategy has enabled the company to design and launch innovative products, in perfect harmony with the aspirations of a society seeking eco-responsible mobility solutions.

A new chapter: the conquest of the European market and the rivalry with Tesla

After consolidating its position in its home market, BYD turned its attention to Europe in 2021. This foray aimed to establish the brand as an indispensable firm on a continent in full electric boom. To compete with the giant Tesla, The Chinese manufacturer is banking on several key assets : aggressive pricing, a diverse range of electrified models (Han, Seal, Seal U, Dolphin, Tang, etc.), mastery of its production chain from A to Z and notable technological breakthroughs, embodied in particular by its Blade battery.

Launched in 2020, The Blade battery is unique in the lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery sector. Its design is unique with cells arranged in the shape of flat blades, without modules or frames, which optimizes space and improves safety. In fact, in the event of perforation or accident, the spread of fire is considerably reduced compared to traditional batteries. In addition to this, it is inexpensive to produce and its energy density is very high compared to its size.

Although Tesla maintains a lead in terms of brand image and technological perception, BYD is catching up fast and is now emerging as a formidable rival to Musk’s company.The height of it all: between 2020 and 2021, BYD even supplied LFP batteries to Tesla to equip certain Model Y models intended for the Chinese market. Rather funny.

Impressive diversification

Far from being limited to the production of electric vehicles, BYD has skillfully extended its scope to‘establish as an essential company in various strategic sectors.

In the public transport sector, BYD ishas become a world leader in the manufacture of electric busesthus contributing to the purification of the air in large cities thanks to its vehicles. At the same time, the firm has carved out a place of choice in the photovoltaic industry, offering green energy alternatives to individuals, businesses and communities.

BYD’s innovation also extends to urban infrastructure with its SkyRail monorail system. This air transport solution aims to decongest urban arteries while offering an ecological and efficient alternative for urban mobility. Several networks have already been operational in China since 2017 and others are under construction in the Philippines and Dubai.

BYD: a key player during the COVID-19 pandemic

This is a rather unexpected, but very real, fact. Faced with the unprecedented health crisis caused by COVID-19, BYD has demonstrated remarkable agility by quickly reorienting some of its production lines to meet the urgent global demand for protective equipment.

In record time, the industrial giant has transformed part of its automotive and battery plants into medical device manufacturing units, becoming one of the world’s largest producers of face masks. With its engineering expertise and large-scale production capabilities, BYD has managed to produce millions of masks daily.

Not content with supplying the Chinese domestic market, the company also exported a considerable part of its productionhelping to address global shortages. Beyond masks, BYD has expanded its portfolio to include other essential personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hand sanitizers and face shields.

BYD is not a manufacturer like the others. Its multidimensional and proactive approach to industrial production make it a real UFO of the automobile industryIn just 30 years, this modest Chinese company has risen to become a leader in EVs and batteries. She is the perfect symbol of Chinese industry. : rapid growth, explosive innovation capacity, unparalleled adaptability and optimal exploitation of economies of scale to reduce production costs. Tesla can tremble!

  • In less than 30 years, BYD has grown from a humble company in Shenzhen to a global leader in electric vehicles and batteries.
  • Its activity is very diversified: public transport, solar energy, urban infrastructure, etc.
  • It also played an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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