Apple explores a self-healing screen for its future foldable iPhones

A new Apple patent describes a self-healing screen for its foldable mobiles, capable of repairing scratches. This technology could offer additional protection to plastic screens, which are more vulnerable to damage.

Rumors have been circulating about Apple’s foldable iPhones for a while, although we shouldn’t expect to see the company’s first handset anytime soon. However, a new patent indicates potential use in the future Apple foldable mobile.

Apple Insider spotted a patent filed by Apple with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent describes a mobile with a self-healing foldable screen, adding that it could be a laptop, tablet, smartphone, monitor or portable mobile. The document specifies that the self-healing material, capable of repairing scratches and dents, could cover either the entire protective layer of the screen or only the flexible/folding part.

Apple also describes how the repair would occur:

Repair can occur within the layer of self-healing material without external intervention (for example, when the self-healing coating is damaged, the coating material can fill the dent without external intervention). Repair can be triggered or accelerated by the application of heat, light, electric current, or another type of external stimulus. The iPhone maker also discussed the possibility of heat-induced repair during wired/wireless charging or at a predetermined time.

A return to a familiar feature for the foldable mobile era?

This wouldn’t be the first time self-healing technology has been used on a gadget. LG had notably offered self-repairing backs on G Flex and G Flex 2 smartphones in the mid-2010s. This technology repaired minor scratches on the rear, although it did not repair deeper scratches and significant damage.

This would nevertheless represent an interesting idea for foldable phone screens, as their plastic nature makes them more prone to scratches than conventional glass screens. Just like the mentioned phones from LG, it is assumed that the self-healing capabilities will not work with larger damages.

It is important to emphasize that this is only a patent, so there is no guarantee that Apple will integrate this technology in the future. Foldable iPhone. Regardless, this feature would be an asset for Apple if it decides to integrate it into a foldable iPhone.